Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Origami Wild duck

Day 49 - Origami Wild Duck

Origami Wild Duck is a traditional origami design .It is a 2D design and good for DIY projects for kids .It can be used on greeting cards as its 2D.

As it's easy model you can start with small paper also .It goes well with both side coloured or one side coloured paper as the folds hide the other side of the paper but if you are using a single side coloured paper then make sure to start with white side up so that you end up with coloured side out.

Folding Instructions:-

Photo Instructions:-
Step 1:-
Start folding with white side up.

Step 2:-
Fold it half to make crease and fold back

Step 3:-
Fold in to meet the center line as shown below

Step 4:-
Fold the upper part to the centre line as shown below.

Step 5:-
Step fold as shown below

Step 6:-
Fold it in half

Step 7:-
Step fold as below to get the neck of the duck

Step 8:-
Hood fold to get the head of the duck as shown below.

Step 9:-
Step fold backwards to get the beak of the duck

Step 10:-
Draw the eye of the duck and thus we complete the origami wild duck

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