Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Origami Cherry Blossom

Model :Medium
Design By :Yamaguchi Makoto
Folding Instruction:
    Diagram :Paperkawaii.com
Paper :Office memo notes
    Units :5
    Assembly :Interlocking
Origami Cherry Blossom
I had first seen this model on the blog Paperunlimited.But I couldnot find the diagram for the same .The blog post mentioned of diagram appearing in a magazine named "Origami Tanteidan Magazine" to which a comment posted on it pointed to the following link ,but I couldnot make out anything of it.

Recently when I again stumbled upon the page I found another comment pointing to blog Paperkawaii .This has the diagrams of the flower. As I am really poor in following diagrams and haven't folded a single thing for ages , it took me long to understand the basic folds.

After two failed attempts and search for instruction video I found this photo instruction of a variation called Clematis having 7 petals by Yamaguchi Makoto.

The Origami Cherry Blossom is a modular structure with 5 petals.Each unit is folded separately and can be assembled without glue as the units have interlocking system.Though the model looks somewhat flat( at least I thought so)it is bit elevated.
Units of  origami cherry blossom
Another view of the flower

I have used glue to assemble as my units weren't interlocking properly.The final touch I have curled the petals.

Its better to use origami paper than other varieties as thinner paper give a better look.

Origami Cherry Blossom