Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yamaha Motors and Origami

Yamaha motors a name known for its bikes.It's a Japanese Company.Broadly classifing ,there product profile includes motorcycles , marine products ,power products etc....

By now you must be wondering why am I writing about a motor industry in a crafts blog that to a paper folding art blog.Paper is so delicate and the company has nothing to do with such things.So too I thought when I first time heard of the origami page in Yamaha Motors website from someone.

It didn't fit in ,"Motor company and origami".But it's true Yamaha Motors website has a section for origami.Here you can find many models of animals,insects and the best part yamaha bikes.

The site provides printable models,technique to fold the model and yes videos to guide you.I haven't yet tried as I don't have a printer but soon I will also make a few of them.

Though I dont know actually why Yamaha motors has origami section but I believe its because both Yamaha Motors and Origami Art are Japanese.

You can visit the site :
Yamaha Motors Paper crafts