Monday, August 17, 2009

Alexander swallowtail butterfly

Butterfly Model 4:-

This is beautiful butterfly design named as Alexander swallowtail butterfly.This design is created by Michael LaFosse.

Complexity :-

On complexity level it is intermediate.

Paper used:-

Normal Origami sheets of 4.5 Inches Square is used to create this model.The paper is one side coloured and one side blank . This model comes best with the use of paper with contrast colours on both sides.


Michael LaFosse’s book – Origami Butterflies – which he co-authored with Greg Mudarri and Richard Alexander is a collection of designs on butterflies and this model is taken from there.


The best place to learn this model is at Michael LaFosses website PEM Origami.It is a 17.51 minutes video.Click on fold more models > In list of 2007 you can find the instruction link for butterfly.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Another simple butterfly model

Butterfly Model 3:-

This is a simple butterfly model widely available on internet.I have used a Post-it note of neon colours to create the butterfly.As the paper is bit thick the butterfly didnt turn up well.Soon I would post a better butterfly :).

Simple Origami paper sheets can be used for the model.Paper can be both side coloured or single side coloured.

Bits of Smith

Instruction video:-

Origami butterfly by Adams Sara- youtube

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Simple butterfly

This month I have decided to make origami butterfly.I started searching the internet for simple butterfly instruction .

Butterfly Model 1:-
The simplest butterfly design which I found was on a website dedicated to crafts Enchanted Learning .This design seemed to be too kiddish (NOM) for me.Another site for the instruction of the same model origami-instructions

Butterfly Model 2:-
I found another design on Create with me blogspot.This seemed 1 up in the difficulty level.

This Origami Butterfly design was created by Ralph Matthews from England. It is just one of the many Origami projects in the book called Minigami by Gay Merrill Gross published by Firefly books.

Its cute,easy and fast.This butterfly requires a rectangular sheet instead of a square sheet.I used a normal origami paper (one side white and one side colour).The butterfly looks cute when its small in size.

Link for instruction:-
Create with me