Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kusudama - Butterfly

This kusudama is named “Butterfly Kusudama” in YAMAGUCHI Makoto’s book Kusudama Ball Origami.It has 60 units which consists of 12 flowers of 5 petals each.Its a glue fix model.

My first butterfly kusudama...
This is made of thicker paper using Post-it Notes of fluorescent orange and green colour.I haven't yet perfected the joins .

My next Butterfly kusudama :-
12 flowers made of 12 different colours.
Paper Origami sheets of 4.5 Inches Square one side blank.The squares are cut into 4 pieces each for making smaller flowers.

Link for Diagram:

Butterfly Kusudama diagram pic from book
Butterfly kusudama animated This isn't working anymore

Video :-
Here is one video on it by DreamRosebud on youtube