Sunday, January 1, 2017

Origami Wind Chime/Mobile

This is one of the projects which took a lot of time for collecting material , folding and final assembly especially when you have inquisitive kids around you who love to pick the finished parts :).

1.  Origami Squares  355  30*10 Kusudama and 55 for the cranes 
2.  Embroidery ring  Plastic ring to keep the weight of final product low 
3.  Ribbon  1 Pack  Approx 12 m 
4.  Fishing/Nylon wire  As required 
5.  Metal Beads  10 
6.  Glue 

This origami mobile has ten Electra kusudama which is stringed to the plastic mobile ring using nylon fishing wire.Each kusudama consists of 30 units.So a total of 300 units goes in for kusudama.

300 pieces of paper to be folded

Few folded units

Work in Progress

All the 10 completed kusudamas 
Then I folded 55 cranes to decorate the strings.I used a metal bead at the bottom of each kusudama to give a little weight to the nylon string.If you wants some sweet sound from the mobile then add a few small bells/ghungroo. So first a bead,then kusudama,then paper crane (number increasing by one each time) stringed to the plastic embroidery ring at equal gaps.To keep the cranes at equal distance on the string and not drop down you can use a glue drop from glue gun or tie knots.

Initial testing for gaps between strings and length of string.
After arranging the strings on the ring and securing them I covered the ring with braided ribbon.