Saturday, January 23, 2010

3 petal Lily

Earlier in my blog I had wrote about the standard origami Lily.Till date I have made a few origami flowers but I felt the origami Lily seems to be the simplest and beautiful flower.

Recently on internet I saw an origami lily with 5 petals so I searched for the pattern of it but could not find the pattern ,but yes I came across a pattern of Lily with 3 petals.

The pattern is really simple.Its just a slight modification of standard origami Lily.The author of the video calls the flower as Origami bulb flower but I think it could be named as 3 petal origami lily.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Jasmine can be folded using a square paper.I used Post-it Notes of Neon colours to make the flowers because the strength of the paper seemed better to me.The jasmine flowers look better if they are small in size though you can make a big flower too.

I have used Orange and Green Post-it papers ,flower wire and Green floral tape.I made the Jasmine flowers and leafs and arranged them using flower wire + Green floral tape to make the stem.You can use paper to make the stem if you want to stick to only paper flower bunch.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Me and Origami

Long back I had wrote how I started with origami and my first model in my post Folding a paper crane.

Today I will tell you what drove we further into the fascinating world of Origami.
After reading about Origami and the fascinating story about Senbazuru the thousand paper cranes ,I started my mission of searching diagram and videos for folding a paper crane.During my this search I came across a website called Oriland.Oriland had a tab called kingdoms,when you go further into it you with find beautiful paper kingdoms.These kingdoms had castle,gardens,ships,boats,people,flowers ..... everything made out of thousands of colourful papers.It's a wonderful world of origami in there.

Further Origami fascinated me when I saw the the video talk by Robert Lang.

Well I think all this above is enough for raising interest in a person to start on Origami.

Good luck!