Monday, January 31, 2011

Origami Wedding Dress

Day 62 - Origami Wedding Dress

This week I am trying out Origami dress.Starting with origami Wedding dress.You need a white square sheet of paper for this.It's a nice and cute little dress.

I found the last fold a bit tough as the folds are almost done and the belt part where you need to fold it would be thick due to step fold so the last fold doesnot come crisp if you are using small paper ( in my case the paper is 3*3 inch).

You get the diagram and animation at origami-club.

Folding Instruction:-
Photo Instruction:-

Step 1 :-

Pre crease in half and then pre crease along the black line as shown below.

Unfold to get the pre crease.

Step 2 :-
Step fold along the black line

Step 3 :-
Fold in half and along the black line .Open the folds outwards so that you get the frills of the dress.

Step 4 :-
Fold along the black line outwards to get the sleeves

Turn it over

Step 5 :-
Fold along the black line outwards

Step 6 :-
Fold along the black line backwards

Step 7 :-
Step fold along the black line

Step 8 :-
Fold along the black line


Video :-

Origami Insects this week

Here are the insects folded this week.

The lady bug loos really big and the dragonfly looks like too tired to face us :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Origami Mantis

Day 61 - Origami Mantis

This is not the praying mantis by Robert lang but its a simple origami mantis which has cutting thus not pure origami.The mantis after final touch looks like 3D model.

This one too starts with bird base.

You can find the diagram at origami-club

Photo Instructions:-

Step 1:-
Start with Origami bird base.Fold along the black line to the center on both the sides.

Step 2:-
Fold the top  flap down along the black line as shown below

Step 3:-
Turn the model over

Step 4:-
Fold along the black line

Turn the model over.

Step 5:-
Step fold along the black line to get the head.

Step 6:-
Open the model sideways

Step 7:-
Cut the model along the black line on both sides as shown below.

Step 8:-
Fold it back

Turn over

Step 9:-
Pull one of the flaps to the top to form the fore legs leaving the other flap down to form the hind legs and fold the model in half.

Step 10:-
Fold the legs

Step 11:-
Draw the eyes and its done

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Origami Scorpion

Day 60 - Origami Scorpion

This is a simple origami scorpion design and has cutting towards the end to get the legs of the scorpio.Thus its not pure origami rather kirigami.

It starts with origami bird base.Though the scorpio doesnt look so cool but its not that bad.I suggest to use both side same coloured paper coz the cuts may expose the other side.

Photo Instruction:-

Step 1:-
Start with origami bird base.Fold to the sides and pull the flap down.

Step 2:-
Pocket fold the top two flaps along the blue line.

Step 3:-
Pocket fold along the blue lines to get the claws

Step 4:-
Fold backwards along the blue line to slim it on both flaps

Step 5:-
Step fold the upper flap along the blue lines

Step 6:-
Cut the lower flap along the blue lines

Fold them up to get the legs of the scorpio

You can get the diagram at origami club .