Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Origami Chrysanthemum kusudama

Day 57 - Origami chrysanthemum kusudama

Today being Republic day I thought of folding a tricolour kusudama to dedicate to the republic day.So I have folded a Chrysanthemum Kusudama.

The Kusudama consists of 6 units made of square pieces of paper.Contrast colours on both sides looks great.I have folded 2 of Saffron ,2 of Green and 2 of Blue each contrasted against white to give all the colours of the national flag :)

Folding Instructions :-

Photo Instructions:-

Step 1:-
Fold the paper in half  to crease

Step 2:-
Fold the paper in half to crease  and open

Step 3:-
Fold the paper along the black lines to the centre

Step 4:-
Fold along the blavk line to the centre

Step 5:-
Fold along the black lines diagonally to crease and unfold .

Step 6:-
Open and fold as shown below.

Step 7:-
Fold along the black lines

Step 8:-
Open each flap as shown below.

You need to make 6 of these and join them using glue



Kusudama Origami
Floral Origami Globes

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