Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Origami Crow

Day 50 - Origami Crow

Day 50 that means I this is the 50th model and I have crossed half century :)..Hope to complete the 365 models.

Origami Crow is a traditional origami model.It has similar folds like the Origami wild duck.

You can take both one side cloured and both side coloured paper.Make sure you start with white side up.

Folding Instructions:-
Origami club

Here is a video instruction by yohanone.Though the video isn't that great but yet it isn't bad at all and is useful enough to follow.

Photo Instructions:-

Step 1:-
Start with white side up

Step 2:-
Fold it diagonally as show and join the two points to make a crease

Step 3:-
Open the paper and fold the corners to the center line as shown below

Step 4:-
Fold the upper part to the center as shown below

Step 5:-
Open the upper part and flatten both the pockets to triangles

Step 6:-
Fold the triangles formed ,backwards as shown below.

Step 7:-
Fold the lower flap backwards

Step 8:-
Turn over and fold as below

Step 9:-
Fold in half

Step 10:-
Now make the head by hood fold.

Open to get the head

Step 12:-
Make the beak by a step fold

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