Saturday, January 22, 2011

Origami Swallow

Day 53 - Origami swallow

Origami swallow starts with origami bird base.It is better to use double side coloured paper (even though the final folds won't show the other side of paper) because the model needs a cut, which may expose the other colour.Thus its not pure origami but kirigami as cutting is involved.

But the model can be folded with single side coloured or double side coloured paper without much difference .The final model looks like 2D model as its flat but actually its a 3D model.

Easy to fold and could be used for kids DIY. Oh I feel with the past few post you can create a small farm of birds ....

Folding Instructions:-
Origami club

Photo Instruction:-

Step 1:-
Start with Origami bird base. Fold the sides to the center line as shown below on both the sides.

Step 2:-
Turn it sideways.

Step 3:-
Do a pocket fold as shown below.

Step 4:-
Fold the upper flap to top as shown below.

Step 5:-
Fold the top flap to almost its half to make head and beak.

Step 6:-
Fold the top flap head part as shown below to get the beak.

Step 7:-
Turn the model.

Step 8:-
Cut the tail part and fold it as shown below and the Origami swallow is done

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