Friday, January 7, 2011

Origami simple piano

Day 38 - Origami simple piano

Finally I got a model where I need to use the black paper.It's not that I cannot use black anywhere else  its just that I didn't have any specific model which needed a bloack colour.So here we go.

This one is simple and uses just one paper but you need to draw the keys of the piano.If you are bad at drawing the instruction contains printable keys.But I am not sure if it speaks of dimension of the paper to construct the model to which the printable keys would fit in.

It has few easy steps.Yo may need to glue the sides to the key pad so that they remain clung to the key pad instead of moving away from it.

Folding Instructions:-
  1. Origami-club            -> Diagram and Animation
  2. Origami-Instructions -> Photo instructions
  3. How to origami        -> Photo instructions

Easy Origami by John Montroll
Easy Origami

Video :-

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