Sunday, November 28, 2010

Traditional buttonhole flower

One more origami flower.Basically the flower folding can be considered in the simple category except the last part where you need to do a little bit of manipulation to get the petals open.I would recommend use of medium sized paper to make the flower as I felt that the big once wont look that good(purely personal opinion) and the small ones are difficult to open the petals and make the petals remain open.

My first few attempts were diastrous but finally I could make it though it didnt turn up that great.

You can get the diagram here and photo instructions here.

I have taken one fourth of 5 7/8th inch square sheet of origami paper of blue colour.

I found one video on net related to traditional buttonhole flower instructions.Though I don't know how useful this video would be but still I felt it would be better to add the link here.

Traditional buttonhole flower