Friday, January 14, 2011

Origami 4 Leafed Buttonhole flower

Day 45 - Origami 4 Leafed Buttonhole flower

Today it is a 4-leafed Buttonhole flower.Model is created by Paul Jackson.

This buttonhole flower looks best when the paper is the same color on both sides. If you use origami paper that is white on one side and colored on the other, be sure to fold it so that the color side is inside the folds - the color will be visible only at the final step of the project.

I came across this model while seraching for the base units of a kusuduma .Initial try with the flower was diaster as i couldnot make out the folds direction properly,even though it is such a easy fold I kept on messing with it.

But trust me its really easy fold...

Folding Instructions:-

Step 1:-
If you are using origami paper that is white on one side, start with the white side facing up.

Step 2:-
Fold the paper along the diagonals

Step 3:-
Collapse the paper into a waterbomb base. To do this, bring the top of the paper down towards the bottom while pushing the sides inwards.

Step 4:-
You would get a triangle with flaps

   Step 5:-
Rotate Triangle upside down

Move the flaps to the right
Step 7:-
Fold two layers back to the left side as shown below.

Step 8:-
Turn the model over
Step9 :-
Repeat step 7
Step 10:-
There is central axis hold that and open the flower flaps as shown

Step 11:- Use your fingers and open the flap layers so they look like petals.This is important part it gives final shape to the flower.

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