Thursday, January 27, 2011

Origami Dragon fly

Day 58 - Origami Dragon Fly

Back to bird base. The Origami dragon fly is more of kirigami model as you need to cut to get the wings of the fly so if the kids are trying it out parents be sure to be by there side while using a pair of scissor.

Nice model ,easy yet wondreful.

Diagram and animation is available at origami-club.

Photo Instruction:-

Step 1:-
Start with a bird base and fold the side to the center line as shown below on both the sides.

Step 2:-
Pocket fold the two lower flaps up as shown below.

Step 3:-
Cut the upper flap as shown in the diagram below along the black line.

Step 4:-
Fold the head as shown blow to pre crease

Roll till the pre crease to get the head.

Step 5:-
Fold the flaps down and flatten the tumor and we are done.

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