Monday, January 24, 2011

Origami Giant water bug

Day 55 - Origami Giant water bug

It is one of the insect model which I really liked as it's easy,simple,traditional yet beautiful.

It may seem difficult but it's easy.I feel it's more of a kirigami model than origami.It was something which I found bit strange was that most of the traditional model i folded started with some other base fold but yet I find most of the insect folds start with bird base.

Photo Instructions:-

Step 1:-
Start with bird base

Step 2:-
Fold backward.

Step 3:-
Pocket fold the top two folds as shown below

Step 4:-
Crease along the black mark and pocket fold it.

Step 5:-
Fold inwards along the black line on the sides on both the sides as shown below and fold at the bottom on the top only

Step 6:-
Turn it over and cut at the bottom of the flap.

Step 7:-
Fold the cuts up to make the legs as shown below

Step 8:-
Turn over and draw the eyes.

You can get the diagram at Origami-club.

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