Monday, January 10, 2011

Origami 8 Petal flower

Day 41 - Origami 8 Petal flower

This week I would be trying origami flowers.So starting today I have Origami 8 Petal flower. Actually I had seen this model long back and don't remember the actual name of the flower.

This model starts with Origami bird base. It is not pure origami. You can say its kirigami as it involves cutting at one stage.

It is advisable to use a two side colored paper ( both side having same color).If you are using one side coloured paper then make sure the color appears on the petal that is to say the folding should be i such a way that u end up with colored petals.

I have used neon post-it papers for the model.

As I said earlier that I have seen this origami model long back ,I have lost the link where I found it.So for the instruction I have tried to put up some photo instructions myself .as its my first time for instructions sorry for any inconvenience you may face.

Photo Instructions:-

  Take a square piece of paper with colored side up.

Step 1:-Fold it along the diagonal to get a triangle shape as below.

Step 2-Join the two vertices of the triangle

Step 3-Bring the top flap over right and open the paper slightly .squash fold it.

step 4 Flip the paper over and repeat step 3 on the other side to get the square base.

Step 5:-Pull the 2 corners to the middle and fold as shown below

Step 6:- fold the top vertice as show below

Step 7: open the fold and lift the bottomcorner upwards as shown and fold along the crease line to get a triangle

Step 8 : - Repeat steps 5,6 and 7 on the other side.This is a bird base.

Step 9 :- fold all the flaps up

Step 10:- pull one of the triangular flap as shown.cut it along the middle crease up and fold it along the vertex.

Step 11: Repeat step 10 for all the flaps.

Step 12:- Squash the petals to get the flower.


Jess said...

Hello Anu,
I'm not sure if you received my previous comment. In case you didn't I would like to know whether or not you can clarify the ending of the flower. I tried so many times different techniques of cutting but I still can't figure out how you finished the flower. Please please please clarify! Thank you very much.

Anu said...

Hello Jessica ,

Yep I didnt get any comment from you earlier...

Coming to the problem..In step 9 you have to fold all the 4 flap up.In step 9 pic 3 you will find the pink line.You need to cut along that line till the base.Repeat the step in the other 3 flaps too.

This will create the 8 petals.

If you still are not able to follow the instruction let me know .I will try to find a video instruction or try to put up more pics with details.

I hope this helps you.


Fundación Nacional para el Apoyo Comunitario said...

es una hermosa flor a pesar del corte.., muchas gracias