Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Origami Chubby Sparrow

Day 36 - Origami Chubby Sparrow

As the name suggests it is a model of sparrow which is fat and chubby.It is based on basic crane model with a little variation.

If you notice the model looks a similar to crane with just the middle part getting too big and inflated thus making a chubby bird.I would rather say its a chubby crane than chubby sparrow.

This model is rather simple,fast and interesting .I have folded it using 3*3 inch origami paper.The main part where you need to pay attention is the inflating of the middle portion of the sparrow to make it chubby.

Somehow till date I have been unlucky in inflatable models.I tend to have gross errors leading to the model never getting inflated properly and this being no exception either.I ended up opening and tearing the model in the first go while trying to inflate it.

So my suggestion is be gentle,patient and careful while you try to inflate.I would rather say open the body part by gently pressing the vertex so that it looks inflated and really chubby sparrow.
Good luck with the diagram.

Folding Instructions:-

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