Thursday, January 20, 2011

Origami Ostrich

Day 51 - Origami Ostrich

Origami Ostrich is simple model and goes well with contrast coloured paper and not same colour paper.

It can be used for kids DIY projects,Greeting cards as its a 2D model .

Takes hardly a few minutes to fold and has similar folds as origami wild duck and origami crow.

Folding instructions :-

Photo Instruction:-

Step 1:-
Start with coloured side up.

Step 2:-
Fold diagonally.

Step 3:-
Fold to the centre line.

Step 4:-
Fold to the half of the white and make a crease.Unfold it.

Step 5:-
Fold out to the crease as shown below

Step 6:-
Fold in half

Step 7:-
Hood fold to get the neck

Step 8:-
Fold as shown below

Step 9:-
Pocket fold along the crease

Step 10:-
Hood fold to get the head.

Step 11:-
Draw the eye.

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