Monday, August 17, 2009

Alexander swallowtail butterfly

Butterfly Model 4:-

This is beautiful butterfly design named as Alexander swallowtail butterfly.This design is created by Michael LaFosse.

Complexity :-

On complexity level it is intermediate.

Paper used:-

Normal Origami sheets of 4.5 Inches Square is used to create this model.The paper is one side coloured and one side blank . This model comes best with the use of paper with contrast colours on both sides.


Michael LaFosse’s book – Origami Butterflies – which he co-authored with Greg Mudarri and Richard Alexander is a collection of designs on butterflies and this model is taken from there.


The best place to learn this model is at Michael LaFosses website PEM Origami.It is a 17.51 minutes video.Click on fold more models > In list of 2007 you can find the instruction link for butterfly.

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