Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Origami Sail Boat

Day-7 Sail Boat

This is one can be termed as one of the simplest of origami instructions.The simple origami sail boat is a 2d design and takes hardly 2 minutes to fold.

It needs a triangular piece of paper.So I took a standard 1 side coloured square paper and folded it diagonally dividing the square into 2 triangle cut it into two and started with one triangle.

The sail boat would look the best if you have contrast coloured paper.The boat can be used for card making something like Bonn-voyage cards..

Folding Instruction:-


If you don't want to cut the square but still want to make the origami sail boat then you can follow the instructions at Howcast
.It has both diagram and video for the instructions also the sail boat looks really cool and can stand like a 3D model.I felt the video is really good and easy to follow.

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