Friday, December 3, 2010

Origami Fan

Day 3- Origami Fan

I suppose this is something we all keep doing ... Origami Fan.Origami fan needs no special skill or practice to fold.On complexity level I would term it as Simple rather very simple.

You can take standard origami paper or a chiyogami paper.Actually I would suggest you try gift papers,chocolate wrappers instead of standard origami paper.

In childhood whenever I used to get a chocolate from a friend on their birthday I would fold this fan out of the wrapper and give it to them :P

Here is my origami fan made out of standard one side coloured origami paper:-

Though I am actually not happy with this fan but still its one of the standard/traditional origami model so I thought it would be good to add it on list.

Folding Instruction:-

Diagram :-


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