Sunday, December 12, 2010

Origami Cherry Blossom

Day 12- Origami Cherry Blossom

Flowers are my favorite origami models. So I am back to flowers. I was searching for some other cherry blossom instruction when I stumbled upon this DIY instructions.

This is a 3D model, easy, simple and fast to fold. I have used a very small square to make the model as I felt larger flowers may not look that pretty. You may start with a larger paper. One more suggestion is to use a both side colored paper that way even if your folds are not perfect your flowers still looks pretty and the white side does n’t mare the beauty.

It starts with the standard origami crane folds with a little manipulation.You need to be a little careful when u give final shape to the flower.

Here is my flower.

Though it’s a 3D model but I feel this can be used on cards also.I have used 1/4th of 3"*3" Inch paper.The middle portion is made of 1/4 of 1/4 of 3*3" inch yellow origami paper. I didn't have crepe paper to use  ( as suggested by the author).

Folding Instructions:-


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