Sunday, December 19, 2010

Origami Rabbit 2

Day 19 - Origami Rabbit 2

Another origami rabbit today.This is bit tougher than the previous one .

In the diagram and animation the rabbit seemed so simple and cute so I went ahead with the 3*3 inch one side coloured pick origami paper.First few folds went fine and I thought it would go well but some where I lost in between and folded it in such a way that the ears of the rabbit were in the front and the portion which had to become face went back.I tried reversing the folds and the face portion came in front but the overall rabbit was messed up.Though the final structure looked somewhat like the rabbit in the instruction but all the folds were visible and the worst it was not standing.

The rabbit seemed like some other animal and the tail, it should have been cute but mine seemed like some one forgot to  fold the piece of peering paper.

But all said and sone I have made the rabbit.If you are wondering how it stands in the picture ,its no miracle I have glued it to the base to make it stand  :)

Folding Instructions:-

Origami Club It has both diagram and animation.

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