Monday, December 20, 2010

Origami Dinosaur

Day 20 – Origami Dinosaur

Today I am folding an origami dinosaur. The origami Dinosaur design by Stephen O’Hanlon and the original diagram is at found the instruction at

I started with an origami 5 7/8” inch green square origami paper. It starts with a bird base but as you proceed you will find certain folds though are simple are tough to fold either due to too many pieces fold together or reversing, but yet its really nice model and easy enough to fold.

I have given my Dino a little twist at the legs ,I mean I have folded the legs inside instead of outside as the Dino was not standing properly( always my animal folds have this problem).So now it stands without support. You can draw eyes etc on it but I felt it was still good without drawing (Lazy me!)

Folding Instructions:-



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