Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Origami Robin

Day 21 – Origami Robin

Yesterdays model was bit tough so today I have chosen a simple one. Something which can be categorized in easy origami and is traditional.

So its an origami bird called origami robin. The model is not pure origami model as it needs a little cutting so we can say its bit of Kirigami.

You have to start with a Origami bird base folding.My origami robin is made of 3*3 Inch origami paper.You need to draw the eyes and the beak needs to be coloured to give the bird its complete look.

My robin does not look as cute as the one in the diagram .It looks like a crap and the second photo became hazy as always I am lazy to take one more pic….

Folding instructions:-


Origami Instructions

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