Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Simple Boat

Day 1 - Boat

So to start with I folded the very familiar boat.This is a model which I had been folding from my childhood when I didn't even know of origami.

In a rainy season in the class room during the recess we would make this boat and let it sail over the running water until you get caught by the teacher.

It requires a rectangular piece of paper.As I had squared colour papers I took a 5 7/8th inch square sheet of origami paper ,cut it a half and then took 3/4 of that half to start with ( my boat is bit small).

Another one made out of Post-it Notes of Neon colours.You need to cut the paper a bit to get it into rectangular shape.

Folding Instructions:-

Origami Fun
Origami Instruction



Origami Sailboats

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