Friday, December 17, 2010

Origami Swan

Day 17 - Origami Swan

I had earlier posted an origami swan.That was modular origami swan made of 500 pieces but this is simple origami where you can make a cute little swan in no time with minimum folds from a single sheet of square paper.

As the folds are few and the model is simple as usual I have taken a 3*3 inch Origami paper.Swans are white in colour ,also the model instruction had used a white sheet thus I too went for a white sheet you may try different colours ( of course you would even if I don't say so :P).

Difficulties I faced while folding : Hmm... I found the beak bit tricky or may be it was my patience which was running out which messed up the beak of the poor bird else it could have been better.Oh my duck has a terrible beak.:D

Folding Instruction:-

You can get both diagram and animation at

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