Thursday, December 2, 2010

Origami - Fortune teller

Day 2 - Origami Fortune Teller.

One more from childhood paper folding..
This needs a square sheet of paper.On complexity level I would term it as simple with very few folds .It can be folded in very less time but interesting .You can use it for playing games,as a flower,the same fold can be used to decorate napkins on the table and so on....

You need a square sheet of paper to start with.Here is my fortune teller.I made it really small so that it can be used as a flower or decorative piece on my Christmas tree( the tree isn't big so the decoration have to be small) .

It is made out of 1/4th of 5 7/8th inch square sheet of origami paper

Folding Instruction:-




Origami Fortune Tellers

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