Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An origami a day

Hey I am back and this time I have decided to try an origami instruction each day and post them here along with the link to the instruction ( a usual thing which I always do ).

So from now on I would folding an origami model daily for next one year and post my foldings here.I will also try to post the instructions or link to instructions if it is possible (To be read as link to the instructions to be posted as making videos seems difficult....)

I will try to put those creations into use(apart from show piece purpose)if possible.

So that means I would be trying some 365 Origami instructions picked randomly from internet.Hope to achieve my goal.

I found a similar and interesting idea called Origami calendar.The calendar is made of square papers ,each page/day has an origami instruction on its back and as the day is over you can tear up the page and try the origami instruction thus learning origami slowly and steadily ..

For those who want to buy the origami calendar they can buy it  here .
Origami Page-A-Day Calendar 2011 (Page-A-Day Calendars)

Note :- The link to the instruction means the source on internet from where I learnt it. I don't own rights of those .

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