Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Origami Kusudama star

Day 28 - Origami Kusudama star
This can be considered modular origami.The modules for this kusudama were discussed in yesterday's post.This is the 1 st variation.

The model use the simple origami bases such as the book fold, the cupboard fold and windmill base. You need 6 sheets.The Kusudama contains 6 modules which are held together by glue .Gluing is bit cumbersome when the modules are really small.

The model in the pic has each module made of 1/4 of 3*3 inch 1 side coloured paper. I needed a toothpick to open the petals.

It makes a good ornament for the Christmas tree.You need to add thread to the model to make it hanging :P

Folding Instructions:-
Oriland - Kusudama Star

 Origami x-mas ornaments

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