Sunday, December 26, 2010

Origami 8 point star

Day 34 - Origami 8 Point star

8 point star is designed by Dr. James Minoru Sakoda.It's nice model for Christmas tree but the demerit while putting it on the tree is that the front is wonderful but the back isn't that beautiful so if you hang it on the tree and it turns around ,then the star looks odd ( obviously.. ).

The model starts with the origami bird base.There are 2 places where I found it bit tricky or say difficult part in the model
  1. When you need to sink the tip
  2. At the end when you need to fold the edges for finishing touch to give it a proper star shape.

Otherwise the star is a beautiful model,easy and fast to make.It's good for Christmas cards.You can also make earring out of it but then the same problem will arise as in hanging the star on the christmas tree.

I made a few of these for my tree too... The star in pic is made of 3*3 "  1side coloured paper.

Folding Instructions:-

Modern Origami

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