Thursday, March 17, 2011

Origami Turtle

Day 105 - Origami Turtle

Model : Origami Turtle
Design By : Traditional
Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Diagram : The Paper Fold
    Video :
Paper : 3*3 Inch one side coloured square paper

This is a traditional origami turtle.The final model looks somewhat similar to Origami Chubby sparrow but it's not the same.

I found the diagrams bit tricky but the video instructions are useful.The tough part is where you pull the legs to puff the body of the turtle.One needs to be really careful not to rip the paper.

The video uses a patterned paper for the turtle which makes the turtle turn out really nice.

If you are searching for similar patterned paper then may be you can check this etsy shop called origamibijou or if you want the turtle and dont want to fold them then you may purchase them from etsy shop by prettymuchdana.

Video :-

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