Friday, March 18, 2011

Origami Anchusa (Italian Bugloss)

Day 106 - Origami Anchusa (Italian Bugloss)

Model : Anchusa (Italian Bugloss)
Design By : Yoshihide Momotani
Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Video : Happypuppytuffles
Paper : 3*3 Inch one side coloured square paper

Anchusa is a small radially symmetrical flower,sapphire blue in colour and it retains color a long time. The plants show numerous flowers with 5 sepals, united at their bases, and 5 petals forming a narrow tube facing upwards. The flowers grow in several axillary cymes, simple or branched, or are clustered at the end. (Source : Wikipedia)

The Origami Anchusa is 4 petaled and isn't tubular,but still it's a cute little flower.It is made out of square piece of paper.A patterened paper would give better flower I believe yet the normal one side coloured paper isnt that bad either.Though the initial folds are easy but the folds towards the end where you finally give shape to flower petals are clumsy.I got confused towards the end.I felt the video could have explained it bit better.

Video :-

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