Saturday, March 5, 2011

Origami Kusudama (by Nina Ostrum)

Day 93 - Origami Kusudama (Nina Ostrum)

This is a simple,modular origami model designed by Nina Ostrum.It needs 6 units for the module.

Units of the kusudama

I have used 3*3 inch one side coloured paper for the model but I would suggest/advice to use a double side coloured paper as the final model after assemblage exposes the other side of the paper.

The assembly of the units does not require glue as the pockets made by the fold are good enough to hold the units together properly.

Things to take care while folding this model.
  1. A bit thicker paper to be used.
  2. Double side coloured paper.
  3. Sink of the triangle top needs to be done carefully else it would tear .
Origami Nina Ostrum kusudama
Folding Instructions:-



The following video on the youtube channelorigaminut is good enough to follow.

If you are not okay with this tutorial you may try the tutorial on the youtube channel barbabellaatje

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