Friday, March 11, 2011

Origami Pluto Kusudama

Day 96,97,98,99 - Origami Pluto Kusudama

Hmm... This one took me 4 days to complete. This kusudama is named “Pluto Kusudama” in YAMAGUCHI Makoto’s book Kusudama Ball Origami.It needs to create 40 module for the kusudama.Each module is made of a square piece of paper which needs to be folded - opened - reverse folded.The reverse folding on the creases made is the only part where you may face difficulty.The modules are held together with string.You can also use glue but I feel string is better.

Few units of the Pluto Kusudama

I have used neon coloured Post-it Notes for the model.I would suggest to use both side same coloured or contrast coloured paper for the model.

If the points of the modules are folded inside then it becomes Venus Kusudama.The folds are some what similar to the units of Origami Butterfly kusudama or you may find some similarity with the origami iris/lily

Folding Instructions:-

You can find the diagram on this Portuguese blog ocantinhodacris-artes .

On the youtube channel by 1petiteSorciere you can find instruction video for the module of origami pluto kusudama.


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