Saturday, March 12, 2011

Origami Heart Ring

Day 100 - Origami Heart Ring

I know I should have folded this in the valentines week but I guess I didn't think of it then.

Well this model is really simple and easy to fold.You need a square sheet of paper,both one side coloured or both side coloured would do but contrast shade would be better.

The folding is similar to origami fan or origami napkin butterfly folding.Interesting little piece to fold and to be used as accessories.

I found this wonderful video on the youtube channel by super1600.

It's a 5 mins video which explains the folds in detail.

The instructions can be divided into three parts.first part of instructions are to get the pleats which would eventually turn out to be the ring,the next set of folds are for the heart part and the final set of instructions is to tuck the ends of the ring and give it the round ring shape.

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