Friday, March 4, 2011

Origami star - 2

Day 92 - Origami Star - 2

Origami 4 point star is made of a single square sheet of paper.You can use both single side coloured or duble side coloured sheet.I have used a single side coloured square sheet of dimension 3*3 inch.

Front view of the star

The model starts with origami bird base.Though the model is simple there are certain places where you need to take care like:-
  1. Sinking of the top triangle of the bird base to get the centre of the star.If yu are nt careful it may tear up.
  2. Folding in the back where you need to do the small folds between the arms of the star .If you are making a small star it really difficult to fold this part , so I would suggest the beginners to start with a fairly large paper.

Backside view of star

Here is a stop-motion video on channel Origami768 .Also you can check the blog by the same author called Origami where you can find some more origami tutorials.

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