Sunday, March 6, 2011

Origami star - 3

Day 94 - Origami star-3

Another star in the series.Though I had not planned any theme for the week but it's turning out to be a week of star folding.

As I don't know the name of the stars or any specific author I have named them as star 1,2, on.This one is the 3rd in the series( not counting lucky star and 8 point star).

Its easy to fold and a simple model.It starts with bird base.You can use one side coloured paper.Things to take care while folding this model:-
  1. The folding includes a sink at the top.The sinking needs to be done carefully or it would rip off the paper.

I found the folding instruction on youtube channel Origami768.The video is really detailed and may seem boring to many but for beginners it is good.

Folding Instructions:-

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