Monday, March 7, 2011

Origami Star by Jared Needle

Day 95 - Origami star by Jared Needle

This is a typical origami Christmas star .It is designed by Jared Needle.You need a single piece of square paper to start.I have used a white piece of 3*3 inch square paper but would suggest to use a bigger paper as towards the end due to multiple folds certain parts folding becomes difficult .Actually I spotted this design on YouTube channel EzOrigami .The instruction is in two parts and too detailed.There the opening picture is of a white star which made me use a white paper for the star.

This star too starts with a origami bird base and a sink at the top.The first part of the video instruction upto 7 mins speaks how to get the origami bird base and creating the top sink fold,it's after the 7 mins of first part and the second part where the actual folding takes place.

Folding Instructions:-

Part 1:-

Part 2:-

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