Thursday, March 3, 2011

Origami star - 1

Day 91 - Origami star

One more design of origami star.This one needs 2 square pieces of paper.You can use both single side coloured or double side coloured papers.

I have used Post-it paper for this model.The model is created by František Grebeníček.

The folds are simlar to the origami decoration - variation 1 fold I tried earlier.This one has a little varation.The varations are:-
  1. You need not open the folds to form the petals.
  2. Fold the backside of the decoration to create the pockets.

The two units with back and front views

The two pieces/decoration pieces can be held together by the pockets made by the folds but its not that reliable so you may use glue to keep the units together.

Another arrangement of the 2 units

Folding Instruction:-

Diagram :-
Origami star

Video :-

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