Sunday, March 20, 2011

Origami four leaf clover

Day 108 - Origami four leaf clover

Model : Origami four leaf clover
Design By : Gerwin Sturm
Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Diagram : Origamiaustria
    Video : Happypuppytruffles
    Book : Origami: Kreative Falt-Ideen
Paper : 4.5 Inches

I picked this four-leafed clover from Heather's daily origami video's.
This model can be used for celebrating St. Patrick's Day or some decoration leaf.

Though it looks simple but it's pretty tough.The initial folds are easy but as you proceed to give shape to the leafs it becomes complicated.You need to be really patient while you shape the leafs else you may rip the paper.

One more suggestion if to use a fairly large paper for the first attempt coz towards the end you will have to multi fold certain places.

Video :-

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