Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Origami Cat-1

Day 132 - Origami Cat-1

Model : Origami Cat-1
Design : Hiroaki Takai
Complexity : Simple
Folding Instruction
    Diagram : Diagramed by Hiroaki Takai
Paper : Post-it notes.Rectangle

This is a cute little cat .I traced this model from the website model is created by Hiroaki Takai but the page has 2 little cat models of which one is modified form of the model by Hirokai.I could fold only the one diagrammed by Hiroaki as the other one does not have a diagram there nor do I have that much imagination to manipulate and create it.

This model needs a rectangle.You can get that by dividing your regular square in half. Preferable to use both side same coloured paper for the model.One needs to be careful while shaping the ears of the cat else its an easy model.

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