Saturday, April 16, 2011

Origami cat by Gilad Aharoni

Day 135 - Origami cat by Gilad Aharoni

Model : Origami cat by Gilad Aharoni
Design : Gilad Aharoni
Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Diagram :
    Video : Marigami
Paper : 4.5 Inches

I tried following the diagram but was lost midway.It seems I am really bad at following diagrams so I searched for the video instructions and luckily I found one on Marigami's channel on YouTube.

After trying so many cute cats this one does not look so cute .I found the cat face to be the toughest in the whole model,especially while making the eyes and nose.

One should start with a big paper else its really difficult to make the face.

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