Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Origami Rose cube

Day 124,125 - Origami Rose cube

Model : Origami Rose Cube
Design : Valerie Vann
Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Video : Jonakashima
Paper : Post-it neon papers
   Units : 6 units.3 of each colour of same size

This is an interesting model made out of 6 units ,3 units of each colour.The units are assembled by interlocking.It is a cube which can be transformed into a rose with few simple steps,thus making the model interesting.

Though it's a simple model it took me a lot of time to understand it and give it shape.First suggestion is to use a both side same coloured square paper.If the paper is one side coloured then the white side would get exposed as below.

The cube out of the one side coloured papers
The rose on opening the cube

Then I tried with post-it notes here's the result.


Rose out of the cube made of post- it notes

Though it's not perfect it's somewhat OK I believe.

Video :-

Some important points to take care of :-
  • Be patient while folding the units and follow the video carefully. I skipped a few steps which led to re folding.
  • The above video uses a double side same coloured paper so one needs to follow the steps carefully.
  • The Green/leaves modules are a bit differently folded as compared to the red once.
  • once you finish a module make sure you have 2 pockets.This is necessary for the final cube formation.
  • While opening the cube to metamorphoses to rose be careful not to rip will have to open 2 rounds to get the final model.

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Lucas Guesser said...

I always liked that rose! But I haven't done it yet. I prefer kusudamas... :)

If you like origami maybe you would like to check my blog,, I hope you like it.

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