Sunday, April 17, 2011

Origami cat by Roman Diaz

Day 136 - Origami cat by Roman Diaz

Model : Origami cat by Roman Diaz
Design : Roman Diaz
Complexity : Difficult
Folding Instruction
    Diagram :
    Video : Benjingling
Paper : Rectangle Half of 4.5 Inches square

This model needs a rectangle to start with.I found diagram as well as video instruction for the model but I found the diagram better. I know its sounds strange when I say diagram is better because I never liked following the diagrams,but this time I found the diagram easier.

After few failed attempts on folding the model I was somewhat successful with the model.My model doesnot stand properly though it should have.Also I could not get the finer details properly like whiskers though the cheeks came out properly and many more finer details.
One of the failed attempts
Finally something near abt the model.I am exhausted ! Uff... I am not trying any more kitty.

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