Thursday, April 28, 2011

Origami rose - 1

Day 146 - Origami Rose - 1

Model : Origami Rose 1
Complexity : Simple
Folding Instruction
    Photo instruction :
Paper : 8 squares of 3*3 inch Post-it note

Units made of 1/4 of 3*3 inch Post-it note

One more of the roses.As I was never so successful with the standard rose models I always try to make some different formats of rose like the modular ones.

This is a modular rose with 8 units made of square paper.The units are interlocked by the inbuilt pockets

3*3 inch Post-it note units

The units need the simple kite base just that the left flap is folded back.Use both side same coloured paper.3 units are first arranged to make the bud and the rest 5 to make the outer circle.The petals are bit rolled to give them the flower look.

Both large and small rose

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Lucas Guesser said...


Very nice rose! I was surprised with the simple pieces to make it, the final effect is very good...