Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Origami Cat Nap

Day 131 - Origami Cat Nap

Model : Origami Cat Nap
Design : Philip Schulz
Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Diagram : Diagramed by Philip Schulz
Paper : 4.5 Inches

Origami Cat nap is based on Origami fish base.As I am really bad at following diagrams only I serached for video instructions and found none .Most of the pplaces where I found the diagram it was incomplete.
It was in origami.happymagpie.com that I found the complete diagram.

Somehow I managed following the diagram( even though the author is so clear in the diagram ) and made my cute little cat nap model.As the paper I choose was too stiff the cats tail kept on going away from the intended position so I cheated a little and used glue to keep it in place :D.

Here's my cat nap model.

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