Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Origami kusudama - 1

Day 141,142,143,144,145 - Origami kusudama - 1

Model : Origami Kusudama-1
Complexity : Medium
Folding Instruction
    Diagram and Video : Paper world Mary
Paper : Total units :138
 Electra as base : 30 units :1/4th of 3*3 inch post-it note
 Sepals: 12 units :3*3 inch Post-it note
 Petals: 96 (8 per flower)units: 1/4th of 3*3 inch post-it note

This is a cute model but the number of units make it a bit scarry .Ok its not that tough neither it takes as long as I have taken .It's easy model with a lot of gluing.As I was busy with other work it took me longer to complete the model.

The model needs both side coloured square paper of varying size.The electra units and petals can be of same size.As mentioned above I have used 1/4 of 3*3 inch post it notes for the electra units and petals and 3*3 inch post-it notes for the sepals.

Electra makes a good base for the kusudama where you stick on the flowers using glue ,so a lot of gluing.The sepals have similar folding as the iris flower with a little use of scissors so you may say its kirigami.The petals are the easiest to fold of the three.

If you notice carefully its a lotus and would look like a perfect lotus if you add few more layers of petals.

Electra as base
Flowers to be added to the kusudama

Completed Kusudama


Lucas Guesser said...

It really looks like lotus flower :)

Very good the combination electra base + flowers!

Anu said...

Hey Lucas,

Thanks but this is not an original creation by me rather I have taken the scheme from

About the flower its a lotus actually if you see the diagram given in the website ....