Friday, February 18, 2011

Origami twin swan

Day 78 - Origami Swan parent and child

This is a twin swan made out of single piece of square paper. A lovely model.It is similar to the origami swan just that you fold the tail and wings into the small child swan.

Here is the photo instruction:-

Step 1:-
Fold diagonally to crease and open.

Step 2:-
Fold the corners to the crease as shown below.

Step 3:-
Fold the top corners to the diagonal crease as shown below.

Step 4:-
Fold in half .

Step 5:-
Pocket fold to get the neck of the parent swan.

Step 6:-
Fold the tail part along the black line to get the child swan.

Step 7:-
Pocket fold along the black line to get the neck part of the child swan.

Step 8:-
Fold along the black lines on the neck to get the head and beak

Step 9:-
Draw the eyes to complete and done.

Folding diagram and animation is available at origami-club.

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